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The Most Useless Gadgets Launched At CES 2014

Between spectacular smartphones, tablets, speakers and all other types of gadgets, some devices that are really useless also found their way at the CES 2014 event this year.

Since we’re always talking about the best devices launched at events such as CES 2014, we thought it would be a good idea to also mention those that are really useless, devices that will probably disappear as fast as they appeared.

From wireless chargers for hipsters to “smart” jackets for ladies and constant surveillance for children. There are a lot of useless gadgets being presented this year.

We’re not saying that these ideas are not innovative and the fact that those who created it lack innovation and skill, however not all inventions are necessarily useful and good.

So, this being said, let’s take a brief look at some of the most useless devices at CES 2014.

QWERTY Keyboard for iPhone smartphones


Necklace that notifies you when you’re getting emails and likes on Facebook.


NameTag app helps you identify a stranger using face recognition. Beyond the innovation behind this app, we believe that the NameTag app is in breach of some serious privacy laws.


The jacket that can guide you through the city. It is equipped with a GPS connected to your smartphones and vibrates in the shoulder area when you have to take a left or a right.


OhMiBod blueMotion is an app connected to a tiny vibrator in your underwear that can be controlled using your smartphone.


ZTE Iconic Phablet. The name “Iconic” can easily be translated into “Ironic” because the ZTE phablet packs some very weak technical specifications.


The Duracell Powermat is known as the “hipster’s charger” in the United Kingdom. Installed on fast food tables, you can spend hours drinking a coffee without speaking to the person in front of you. You can do pretty much what you want because your smartphone or tablet will never run out of juice.


RoboThespian is a robot that can be programmed to sing or hack into online accounts.


Besides the fact that it looks creepy, Mother is a device that always knows what you’re doing around the house. It can record the temperature around you, no matter where you are!


The NueVue iPhone case seems to be inspired by the Monk TV character. You know who we’re referring to. The detective who has all those weird phobias. We all want a screen display, but a case equipped with a special material that cleans our phone all the time is a bit obsessive, don’t you think ?


The grinder with iPad support may sound alright for a second, or two, for those who are spending some time in the kitchen. But when we start thinking that we’re going to use a lot of sharp objects around the iPad most of the time, things are not looking up as much.


The app that can help you quit your job. We’re not advising you to use it. The app has only three options, and they all suck: I’m sick .of the corporate world, I want to be rich and I found a new job


Looking at all these gadgets and apps above makes us wonder: what crazy things will they come up with next at CES 2015 ?

So, tell us: which is the most useless gadget on the list ?