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Snow Storm Kills 11 in the United States of America; Alert in New Jersey and New York

Snow storm and ice cold temperatures caused the death of at least 11 people in the United States of America since the beginning of 2014 and disturbed air traffic in the entire country.

Two people were killed in Philadelphia and New York on Friday because of the snow and two died because of road crashes in northeastern United States. Other two people died because of cold in the Midwest.

Overall, a total of  600 road accidents were reported. Heavy snow also disturbed air traffic and almost 5000 flights were cancelled, including 1650 in New York, more than 190 in Boston and 500 in Philadelphia.

The first days of 2014 brought the first major snow storm of this year in the United States. The entire eastern coast of the United States and Canada is under heavy snow warning.


In Massachusetts and New Jersey all non essential personal is working short hours. Besides snow and heavy wind, storms also brought low temperatures and authorities had no choice but to declare emergency and shutdown schools.

On Friday the New York Central Park was covered by a layer of 15 cm of snow. The United Nations suspended its activity on that day.

The new Mayor of New York city, Bill de Blasio,  recommended the people of New York to stay indoors.


One Response to Snow Storm Kills 11 in the United States of America; Alert in New Jersey and New York

  1. Janet Wheeler

    Yeah, i really hope nobody else dies. Its awful what’s happening in the states. Almost every year is the same story!