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President Barack Obama Gets Shameful “Liar of the Year” Title

Although this is not the kind of attention Barack Obama wants, the President has been awarded the “Liar of the Year” title from the U.S. media because of healthcare promise he made.

“The Liar of the Year”award granted by ( a project operated and controlled by the Tampa Bay Times group ).

Earlier this year, Barack Obama made promises that Americans will be able to keep their already contracted health insurance policies, if they want to do so, refusing the “Obamacare” insurance plan.

“If you’re happy with your own healthcare plan, you can keep it” Barack Obama said many times. However, Americans were surprised this fall as they found letters in their mailboxes notifying them that their health insurance was cancelled because they were not meeting the minimal requirements established by the “Affordable Care Act”.


Later, Barack Obama denied he made the promise by saying that his intention was to say that the health care insurance plans can be kept only if they were not modified by Obamacare in 2010.

Because of the criticism, based on his videotaped statements, Barack Obama apologized to Americans and promised citizens and health insurance companies one year to carry out their initial contracts.