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Sean Connery Suffers From Alzheimer’s Disease ?

A rumor has popped out a few days ago that states that Scottish actor Sean Connery is suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease.

The rumor was spread by a German newspaper that quoted one of Sean Connery’s oldest and best friends, actor Michael Caine. Caine said that Sean has a health problem.

However, Sean Connery’s publicist has denied the rumors.

In an interview for the Sunday edition of “Bild”, Michael Caine said about Sean Connery: ” We must worry about him”. He said that Sean Connery has memory loss and that only a few friends and close family get to see him right now.

“Bild” also remembers a statement made by the wife of Sean Connery who said that she is afraid to answer the phone when her husband is leaving the house unaccompanied because she fears that she will get a tragic news about Sean. She also said that Sean Connery often forgets the road back home.

Two years ago actor Sean Connery, 83 years old, said that he is no longer interested in doing movies.

At the end of 2012, Sean Connery refused Sylvester Stallone’s proposals to star in “The Expendables 3″, a very successful box office franchise.

Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930 and starred his career in the 60′s, becoming popular world wide for playing James Bond.

In 2006, Sean Connery was rewarded with a Lifetime Achievement award.

Do you think Sean Connery is really suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or this rumor is not true ?