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Top 7 Most Narcissistic Celebrities

They are beautiful and they are very much in love with their own image.

This is proven by the hundreds of photos posted on social networks in their hunt for appreciation. Not only regular people take photos of themselves and post them on Facebook or Twitter to hunt “likes”, celebrities are doing it too!

Let’s take a look and see who are the most narcissistic celebrities in the word.

Heidi Klum

Other women her age are busy looking after their children however Heidi is busy making her fans crazy by posting sexy photos of herself on social networks.

Heidi Klum is 40 years old. Yes, she has a sexy body and she photographs it and posts it online every chance she gets.


We all know Rihanna is a bad girl, on stage and off it. The singer loves to turn on her fans by posting sexy photos on social networks. She even made a habit out of taking photos of herself almost naked and share them with her fans.


Miranda Kerr

Although she is seen on the catwalk wearing swimsuits and underwear very often, Miranda is not happy because, in her free time, she takes sexy photos of herself and posts them on Facebook on Twitter because, let’s face it, the girl wants to be admired by her fans.

Bar Refaeli

Bar is another celebrity that gets the “most narcissistic¬† celebrity title” because she can’t help but post sexy photos of herself on Facebook and Twitter. Almost every day her fans get a new sexy photo of Bar to like, share and drool over.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

While on vacation, most people take photos of the sights they see, however Rosie is different. Jason Statham’s girlfriend thinks that a pair of bikini are much more interesting than the beautiful beach she’s on. Is she right ?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Sofia Vergara

Her body made millions of men from all over the world drool. Perfectly aware of her physical assets, Sofia Vergara is not shy to make her fans happy by posting dozens of sexy photos of herself on social networks.

Nicki Minaj

The 30 years old celebrity is very happy with her body so she posted dozens of indecent photos on social networks. Most recently, she posted the photo below on Twitter. What do you think ? Honestly, we think what she’s doing is lame.

Have you ever posted a similar photo on Facebook or Twitter ?

One Response to Top 7 Most Narcissistic Celebrities

  1. GIA

    1. Taylor Swift is an obvious narcissist. She actually believes that her ‘story telling’ about every 1 month relationship she’s had is PAYback for ‘all the hurt’ she’s endured. She then brags about the fact that this fuels her writing ability yet behaves indignantly when asked or teased about it. She must be the center of attention and has effectively snowed her fans with her ‘girl next door’ act. The likelihood of her having any true deep friendships with other females UNLESS she is the center of it, is very low.

    2. Josh Groban – Tries to remain a mystery but constantly loves hearing his own snarky revelations on his Twitter feed. Disingenuously flattering of other talent for the sake of looking cool or more acceptable to larger audiences.

    3. Evangelina Lilly – Hasn’t had much air time since LOST but if you’ve ever seen her in interviews, she screams NARCISSIST!

    4. Miley Cyrus – Can’t get enough exposure and is always trying to prove she’s HOT and sexy but ends up looking like a SKANK…because “skank” is the new hot. (and yes, I said it first!)

    5. Christina Aguilera – Doesn’t matter if she’s up or down in weight …she’s another who confuses skank with sexy and is a diva.

    6. Christie Brinkley – Just plain weird, inappropriate behavior for her age.

    7. Celine Dion – Completely obsessed with her own glory and fabulosity.

    8. Kanye West – Arrogant and annoying, typical of a guy who has it all and thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is gold.

    9. Abby Lee – Of the Dance Moms show. This woman is completely and utterly narcissistic and shamelessly behaves passive aggressive toward the children who are her students, all of whom are psychologically tortured by this so – called instructor.

    10. Sister Wives – The husband. Need I say more?

    11. Meryl Streep – Watch her interviews and you’ll see the little narcissist gleaming from within.

    12. Anne Hathaway – Quietly pretentious and arrogant.

    Of course not all of these people have true celebrity status but it appears it takes a ruthless narcissist to withstand the limelight or to climb into it in the first place.

    Some Narcissists are very obvious why others are subtle but look closely and you can easily tell them apart from other more normal and humble celebrities.