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Actress Diane Keaton Talks About Woody Allen, Her Career and Personal Life

Actress Diane Keaton is nonconformist, ironic and funny, but she also admits that you need other qualities in order to get ahead in Hollywood.

In a recent interview, Diane talked about her love for actor Woody Allen, about her being single and about her powerful personality.

Actress Diane Keaton is famous for the long relationships she had with three of the biggest actors in Hollywood: Woody Allen, Warren Beauty and Al Pacino. But she is not only famous for this, because she is the “proud owner” of some serious acting skills.

Diane Keaton wont he Oscar award for her role in “Annie Hall” back in 1977 and, most recently, a Golden Globe award for her role in “Something’s Gotta Give” ( 2003 ).

Her last movie, “The Big Wedding” ( 2013 ” is a comedy about love and relationships.

Diane Keaton and her men

Diane Keaton fell in love with Al Pacino when they starred together in “The Godfather”. ” He got my attention right from the start. Our relationship was wonderful from many points of view, but he wasn’t the love of my life. He was the love of my life then. Each man has his own decade in my life” Diane Keaton said.

Diane was with Woody Allen when she was 20 years old, she was 30 years old when she was together with Warren Beauty and Al Pacino made room in her life when she was between 30 and 40.

However, out of all these three men, Woody Allen had the biggest impact on Diane’s life. ” I still love him. We often talk on the phone” Diane confessed.

Surprisingly enough, Diane Keaton was never married. ” Nobody proposed. Maybe because I am very sensible. Woody used to say that he walks on eggshells around me” Keaton said.

When she was younger she wanted to get married and she believed it’s sad for someone to live alone. ” I am an old girl” she says. ” I think it’s silly that people are destroyed if they never get married. I can’t imagine myself getting married now. That’s not going to happen” Diane Keaton thinks.

Although Diane Keaton made peace with the idea that she will never get married, she never gave up on the idea of having children. When she was 50 years old she adopted a girl, Dexter, who is 17 years old now and a boy, Duke, who is 12 years old. However, even though she loves them, the situation is not ideal.

” I don’t think they really need to have a male presence in their life, but it’s good to start young. I am 67 years old and I would have loved to be younger for them. I don’t have a lot of time left on this planet” Diane says.

Diane Keaton is the first to admit that she is weird. Even the way she dresses says this about her. When she was awarded the Oscar 35 years old, movie critics said she looked like a homeless person.

Unlike her style in movies, her personal one is a bit unconventional. ” I am not beautiful, I never was. But I always tried to get attention to fix this” she says.

She also says that unlike other Hollywood actors, she doesn’t have a personal stylist on her payroll.

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen

Keaton was in awe of Woody Allen even before moving to New York to pursue acting. She met him when she was auditioning for “Play it Again, Sam”, a play produced by Woody Allen in 1968 and she fell in love with him right away. ” I wanted to be his girlfriend so I did something about it” she says.

The feeling was mutual and, for years, Diane and Woody were the perfect couple. Woody Allen even said about Diane that she was his muse when he started to do movies. She played the lead in many of Woody’s movies, including in “Sleeper”, ” Love and Death”, “Interiors”, “Manhattan” and “Annie Hall”.

Diane Keaton says about Woody Allen that she was her mentor. ” He showed me the ropes and I followed his lead. He is the most disciplined person I know. He works very hard” Diane Keaton says.

Diane Keaton starred in more than 50 movies and she even directed and produced some of them. Diane is also a blogger for the Huffington Post and the image of L’Oreal ever since 2006. She is also a photographer, singer and writer.