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John Travolta to Divorce Wife Kelly Preston

John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, will get a divorce after being married for more than 22 years.

However the divorce is not very simple because John and Kelly have  personal fortune of $220 million.

According to sources, it seems that actress Kelly Preston is no longer interested in staying married to a man who is rumored to be gay. There are some rumors circling around the media that claim that John Travolta is actually gay and he had affairs with multiple men over the last few years.

According to National Enquirer, pilot Doug Gotterba, 62 years old, said that John Travolta admitted that he is gay shortly after getting married to Kelly  Preston in 1991. The pilot also says that he had a six years affair with John Travolta, that Travolta had multiple male sex partners and he even wanted to create a movie for gays.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston and have been married for 22 years. The soon to be ex couple are the parents of Ella Beau Travolta, 13 years old and Benjamin Travolta, three years old.

5 Responses to John Travolta to Divorce Wife Kelly Preston

  1. michael driscoll

    I don’t have a problem with the homosexual part, its the lie he perpetrated for 22 years. I pray that Kelly find honesty in any relationship she may have in the future.

  2. Lesley Shannon

    How sad. Not many marriages can survive the loss of a child. I wonder how much is related to the death of their teenage son from a seizure a few years back…

  3. Missy Roman

    so sad…we all love these people,they are both wonderful actors…to have all their private business out like this is terrible.

  4. Lourdes Girau

    I hope they can work something out. After so many years and a new child. I don’t know if all the stories behind John are true or not. I find it hard to beleive and there is lots of money there so that more people than just one comes out with false accusations.

  5. Rita Ashton

    I pray for the two to stay together especially oozing a child makes things sad but a new little one needs both parents and I hope John becomes saved by jesus and loves the Lord