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Al Pacino To Marry Lucila Sola ?

Al Pacino is 72 years old however this is not an obstacle for him to have much younger female partners. Al Pacino currently has a relationship with beautiful Argentinian actress Lucila Sola, who is only 32 years old.

Al Pacino first started to date Lucila Sola two years ago. ” I could be her grandfather but Lucila makes me feel younger. She is 40 years younger than me but we are a perfect match” Al Pacino said.

And, according to rumors, Al Pacino is planning to marry Lucila Sola this year despite the fact that Jan Tarrant and Beverly D’Angelo, the mothers of Al Pacino’s children,  are not okay with the idea.

With a fortune estimated at approximately $185 million dollars, Al Pacino, told his friends that he is not planning to sign a prenuptial agreement because he trusts his fiance very much. This considering the fact that Lucila Sola tried out as an actress but she failed do make an impact so her fortunate is not really significant.