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Actor Marlon Wayans Caught Cheating on His Wife

Actor Marlon Wayans, 40 years old, was caught while he was making out with a hot brunette.

Although he is married to Angelica Zackary, and she is the mother of his two children, Marlon Wayans was photographed while kissing another woman while he was on vacation in St. Barts.

Well, after seeing the photo above we can’t help but wonder: does Marlon Wayans have a parallel life or he broke up with Angelica, the mother of his children ?

Officially, Marlon and Angelina have not announced that they got separated and they are still a couple, but the photos taken by the paparazzi shows something else. It shows that Marlon is cheating on his wife. It sucks to be Angelina right now, doesn’t it ?

Photos of Marlon Wayans cheating on his wife below:

Actor Marlon Wayans, 40 years old, is a Hollywood actor who mostly stars in comedy movies, many times alongside his brothers. He made his debut in 1988 by starring as a pedestrian in “I’m gonna git you sucka” movie.

Marlon Wayans became more popular after, in 2000, he was part of the “Scary Movie” cast, a movie that he and his brothers wrote.

Most recently Marlon starred in “G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra”,¬† “Dance Flick”, ”¬†Marmaduke” and “A Haunted House”.