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Tom Cruise Affected by the Rumors That He’s Gay

Tom Cruise is not doing very well because, in the last few months, the actor has been dealing with a lot of problems.

After he got separated from his wife, Katie Holmes, and it seems that Katie is preparing to sue him, Tom Cruise is now involved in a new sex scandal and he feels that Hollywood has started to look at him like an outcast.

“Tom is depressed, moody and he doesn’t want to talk to anybody” someone close to Tom Cruise told the media recently.

His depression is mostly caused by the sex scandal he was involved in, as he was accused of being videotaped while having sex with another man.

It seems that Tom Cruise is being blackmailed at the moment and he’s being asked for a lot of money to prevent the video from being leaked to the public.

And because of this, Tom Cruise feels that everyone who matters in Hollywood has started to turn their back to him, at least until this is settled.

On the other hand, although he and Katie seemed to have reached amiable terms  in their divorce, it seems that Katie changed her mind and he is planning to sue Tom  for a portion of his considerable estate. Initially, Katie Holmes accepted only child support from Tom for their daughter, Suri.