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Actress Valerie Harper Beat Lung Cancer Without Telling Anyone She’s Sick

Can you imagine being friends with someone who’s struggling with a serious disease and not knowing about it ? Well, Valerie Harper’s friends are those people and they didn’t knew a thing because Valerie never wanted to share the fact that she is suffering from lung cancer.

Valerie Harper went to the doctor with a wrist fracture when she found out. She did some  X-rays and she learned that she has a weird stain on one of her lungs.

Valerie never thought that it was lung cancer because she never smoked a day in her life, and never drank alcohol and she lived healthy.

Valerie decided to do a biopsy and she learned that she was suffering from lung cancer and needed to have surgery.

The good news is that she found it on time, the cancer was removed, with a bit of her lung, and the cancer never came back.

The bad news is that when you manage to get rid of cancer you always live with the fear that the cancer is coming back in a few years. Valerie Harper is also living with this fear now and she still doesn’t know if her health problems were entirely solved or not.

Actress Valerie Harper was very brave and never told anyone that she was suffering from lung cancer. The only people who knew what she’s dealing with were has husband and daughter.

Valerie Harper became famous after starring in Melrose Place, Mary & Rhoda, That ’70′s Show, My Future Boyfriend, Less Than Perfect, and others.