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Top 10: Best Rescue Missions in Movies

We all like to see a good action movie and we always hold our breath when our hero is doing an exciting and yet very dangerous rescue missions.

So, in this article we are going to talk about the best rescue missions we saw in Hollywood action movies.


 Bryan  Mills ( Liam Neeson ) a retired spy, finds out that his daughter was kidnapped while visiting Paris with one of her friends. His daughter is kidnapped by some Albanian gangsters and she is forced to prostitute herself. However, nobody anticipated that the father will go to such lengths to save his daughter.

Die Hard

We first met detective John McLane in 1988 when he single handed managed to save hostages from a building, along with his wife, whom he planned to win back.

The kidnappers were after 640 million dollars in bearer bonds and they planned to pull the heist on Christmas Eve. The movie grossed 140 million dollars and it was followed by three Die Hard sequels.


A bus carrying a bomb, full of terrified passengers is loose on the streets of Los Angeles. The bomb is set to go off of the speed goes below 50 miles per hour, or if any of the passengers gets out. Jack Traven ( Keanu Reeves  ) and Harry Temple ( Jeff Daniels ) are the SWAT members that have to solve the case and they are doing their best to save the day and catch the bad guy.

The Taking of Pelham 123

In the New York subway, four armed men take 18 hostages.

Despite the fact that this 2009 remake is full of prime hand celebrities, we recommend that you watch the original movie, premiered in 1979.

Inside Man

Detective Frazier ( Denzel Washington ) has to solve a bank rubbery and hostage situation, however things get tricky because the robbers made unusual demands.


When terrorists kidnap, torture and kill a group of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munchen, Eric Bana and Daniel Craig have to bring those responsible to justice.  This is one of the best hostage movies ever.

The Negotiator

A top hostage negotiator is accused of corruption and murder. He is kicked out of the force so he decides to take hostages. He requests the negotiating skills of another police officer outside of his department in order to help him find those who framed him.

The stars of this movie are Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey and the movie provides you with action, suspense, humor but also love.

The Rock

Alcatraz is under siege and by general Hummel and his troops. He does this to make the U.S. Government do the right thing for the families of the soldiers fallen in covert missions. He threatens to launch missiles on the city of San Francisco is his demands are not met.

The only man who ever managed to escape from Alcatraz, John Patrick Mason ( Sean Connery ) teams up with Stanley ( Nicolas Cage ) to save the day.

Air Force One

In this movie, Harrison Ford plays the President of the United States. A former soldier, he is capable of saving the day and bring down the terrorists.


A failed hostage negotiator, Jeff Talley, becomes a cop in a small town and he has to deal with a hostage situation. The situation takes a turn to the worse and Talley has to fight hard in order to save the day and his family.