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The Microsoft Surface Tablets Have Problems

More and more users, consumers who recently purchased a Microsoft Surface tablet, are complaining of problems with the Touch Cover, who’s wrapper falls apart after just a few days.

Not only the iPhone 5 smartphone has problems with the exterior design. Microsoft is facing similar problems, problems that affect the newly released Surface tablet, a tablet developed by Microsoft for the Windows 8 operating system.

Precisely, the flexible wrapper on the back of the Touch Cover keyboard gets damaged after a few days.

For the moment it’s not clear if the problems only affect a single lot of Surface tablets or if the problem affects the entire Surface production.

Unfortunately, complaints made by consumers from the United States and United Kingom seem to suggest that the problems affect more than a batch of Surface tablets and it seems that this is a design flaw that was not obvious during internal testing of the tablet.

Surprisingly or not, these problems are not the only problems Microsoft Surface users are currently experimenting. Some users also reported sound problems. Precisely, the table goes in Mute mode without a good reason.

Pressing the volume button reduces the sound level, however the Mute button seems to be activated at random, or when the tablet is turned on from Sleep mode.

Microsoft admitted the Touch Cover problems but the company refused to elaborate on the subject.

Available for pre-order ever since October 16, 2012, the Microsoft Surface tablet can be purchased for $500, or more if you want to the version with additional storage space.

Separately, the Touch Cover accessory costs $80. The good news is that Microsoft decided to replace it for free.