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Johnny Depp to Get Married With Amber Heard

Although Johnny Depp just got separated from Vanessa Paradis a few months ago, the man is already getting ready to get married.

Johnny Depp wants to marry beautiful actress Amber Heard, and he says that he is very much in love with her.

After being separated from Vanessa Paradis only for a few months now, the woman that stood by his side for 14 years and the mother his two children, Johnny Depp, 49 years old, told his friends that he is planning to get married with beautiful 26 years old actress Amber Heard.

According to US Weekly, Johnny Depp said that he is crazy in love with Amber Heard, that they got engaged and they are already planning their wedding. Johnny also said that he an Amber want to have as many children as possible.

Johnny Depp and his too to be wife, Amber Heard

Furthermore, Johnny and Amber no longer want to keep their relationship a secret. ” Johnny is in love with Amber and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and to help her become a superstar” a source told US Weekly.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met last year on the set, while Johnny Depp was still with Vanessa Paradis. Johnny desperately fell in love with Amber and she is the reason why, in June of this year, Johnny Depp broke up with Vanessa Paradis.

3 Responses to Johnny Depp to Get Married With Amber Heard

  1. Kika

    He had split with Vanessa more than an year ago, not last June. He only confirmed the separation in June, but they were already separated, and he was already dating Amber.

  2. Parmida

    Nooo! Kill me now! ;(;(;(;(

  3. merai

    Vanessa doesn’t want j. Depp to marry new girlfriend it’s difficult to understand cause
    she never married him and she went on to have two children with him. Hard to understand why
    women today have children out of wedlock and they have no regard for the children’s life to grow up without the security of having a father in the home and in their daily lives.