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Football Manager 2013 Review: A Great Football Simulator Game

Football games are the most successful games of the sports video games segment of the gaming market.

The best sold sports games are those games that allow gamers to control players during matches.

However, there also is a different type of games, that targets those what experiment a complete experience, and that category includes football simulators, games such as Football Manager 2013.

Right from the start we have to tell you that Football Manager 2013 targets those who love strategy and those of you who like to pay attention to details. Those of you who don’t like transfers, fans, media relations, staff talks, training, charts, reports, budgets and player moral should stay away from this game.

The new Football Manager 2013 interface is better organized and it uses the screen space more efficiently. You also have options to manage the information in main sections, and the color theme differs from the team the player wants to be in charge of.

Usually, these themes are beautiful and not disturbing. You can also change the color scheme as you see fit, which is very useful.

Football Manager 2013 is a very complex game and you can control just about everything, from staff meetings to training schedule. You can also analyze the team’s performances through different statistic¬† analysis methods.

Team talks are very important for the morale of your players. There are a set of predefined lines that you can tell them before the kick-off, at half time and after the game, each of them affecting the moral of your players in a different way.

After a while, team talks can become annoying. If this troubles you, you can choose to put your assistant manager in charge of these talks.

You can delete many tasks to your assistant. The staff is of real help almost all the time and they often make signing recommendations, and other helpful remarks.

The training schedule was changed compared to the previous versions of the Football Manager game. Training sessions are scheduled on a calendar and each session focuses on different elements. For those who want a total control, you can also control the training of every single player.

To make gamers happy, Sports Interactive included a new game mode called Fotball Manager Classic. This is a simplified gaming mode that removes many of the details present in the main Football Manager mode. By using Football Manager classic, you can go through a whole season in just a few hours.

Another new mode is the Challenge mode, which provides you with four different challenges.

Match simulation can be done as text, 2D and 3D. The most attractive mode is, of course, the 3D mode, which was seriously improved compared to the previous version.

During a match you can give many indications to your players, and based on their moral and abilities, they will try to follow them.

The players database includes approximately 500,000 players, 5000 teams from 51 countries.

Football Manager 2013 also includes a multiplayer mode which is based on Steam in order to work.

Sports Interactive managed to create a fresh game, which puts some distance between the previous years by adding new, interesting and exciting features.

Sports Interactive says that Football Manager 2013 comes with 900 improvements compared to the previous version and we highly recommend it to every gamer who likes football simulator games.