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Ted Bundy: What you Probably Don’t Know About This Notorious Serial Killer

Rapist, pedophile, serial killer.

Ted Bundy was apprehended by the police after he killed 32 beautiful women and he was put away for good after the authorities found out there are actually 35 victims.

Ted Bundy, the man who scared America in the 70′s, was an attractive and very smart young man.Surprisingly, even a monster like him loved and was loved, until the day he died.

For a long time it was believed that the women Ted Bundy tortured and killed had the features of his first girlfriend, the so called Stephanie Brooks, which is an alias. Nobody knows, not even today, who Stephanie really is.

In all fairness, most of Bundy’s victims had long and straight hair and they were students or they were middle class women. However, in the interviews he gave in the 10 years he struggled to delay his death sentence, Ted Bundy always denied the existence of a pattern.

Stephanie Brooks, the rich young woman Ted Bundy struggled to conquer triggered his killing frenzy the moment she dumped him, according to investigators.

Brooks dumped Bundy because he was immature and lacked ambition, however years later they met again, after Ted Bundy graduated from the University of Washington and proposed to her. She said yes but Ted Bundy dumped her and never contacted her again.

It was then, in 1974, in Washington, when it is believed that Ted Bundy started to kill young and beautiful women. This lasted until 1978, the year when Ted Bundy was put in jail.

Was Ted Bundy an inbred Child ?

After he was arrested, the investigators found out that, allegedly, Ted Bundy is an inbred child. Ted Bundy is not even the real name of one of the most prolific serial killers in history.

When his mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell  gave birth to him on November 24, 1946, the baby was registered under Theodore Robert Cowell.

In his birth certificate, the father is a man named Lloyd Marshall, although his mother said years later that the father is actually a man named Jack Worthington. Her family didn’t believed her and they always suspected that Ted’s father is Louise’s father, Samuel Cowell.

Nobody knows the whole truth but after Ted Bundy was born, to avoid shame, his grandparents, Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, pretended that he is their child. Ted found out who is real mother is only after he went to college.

Ted and Louise lived for a while in Philadelphia, when he was 7 years old, and Louise changed his name from Cowell to Nelson for a short time.

At first glance, you might say that Ted’s childhood was somewhat normal, however one of his mother’s sisters said how, one time, sleeping at home, she woke up and saw that her entire body was surrounded by kitchen knives and Ted, 3 years old at that time, was standing next to her, smiling.

In an interview from prison, when it was clear that Ted won’t escape the electric chair, he said that he had a fascination for sex and violence ever since he was a small boy.

Until he graduated from high school, Ted Bundy was arrested two times, for shoplifting.

He was a good student and he got in to college. He worked as a volunteer for a suicide hotline in Seattle, where he met police officer Annie Hill, the woman who wrote his biography years later.

This is when he falls in love with Stephanie Brooks, and Ted Bundy suffers a nervous breakdown after she dumps him. He drops out of college and travels to the East of the United States. Anne Rule, the police officer Ted worked with at the suicide hotline claims that at that time Ted Bundy visited his birthplace, Burlington, Vermont, and it was then when he found out the truth about his “bigger sister”.

This discovery changes Ted. He returns home to Washington and enters politics.

Ted Bundy gets put in charge of Nelson Rockefeller campaign office, he goes to Law School and he starts a six years long relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer, a divorced secretary. She dumps him in 1976 when Ted in sentenced for raping and killing a little girl.

From the moment Ted Bundy asks Stephanie Brooks to marry him and she says yes, the man makes his entry into the history books by killing 35 innocent women. 35 is just an estimation as, most likely, Ted Bundy killed more women.

There are sources who say that Ted Bundy killed approximately 100 women, however Ted never confirmed or denied this information.

The first of his murders, proved by DNA testing, happened on February 1, 1974, when Ted Bundy was 27 years old.

Students have started to disappear from the Washington University campus, and the police was desperately looking for a clue to apprehend the killer, but without success. This is why Ted Bundy started to gain more confidence and in July of that year he kidnapped two women. Multiple witnesses told the police that an attractive young man, with a bandaged man asked one of the girls to help him load something in his van.

This was the perfect description of Ted Bundy’s M.O. He faked to be wounded and asked for help and women had no problem in saying yes because, let’s face it, Ted Bundy was a very attractive man.

Once they entered his car, Ted used to hit them in the head with a metal pipe. Afterwards, they were raped, tortured and eventually strangled. But the ritual does not end here. Ted either decapitated his victims to kept their bodies for weeks.

Ted Bundy was apprehended, for the first time, by accident. On August 12, 1975 he is pulled over for refusing to stop.

The police officer searched his car and in the trunk he found a ski mask, a crowbar, rope, garbage bags, ice pick and a pair of handcuffs and the police officer thought he was a burglar. Ted Bundy kept his cool and told the police officer that he found the handcuffs in the trash.

However, back at the police station, a detective connects Ted Bundy’s Beetle with the disappearances of women and a little girl from Utah. The police searches his apartment and they find a Colorado guide, with a sign near a cabin where a young woman went missing, and a brochure of a play at Viewmont High, where another young girl went missing.

Carol DaRonch, a woman who survived Ted Bundy testified in court on March 1, 1976 and Ted is sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted kidnapping.

Shortly after, Colorado authorities asked custody of Ted Bundy to be put on trial in another murder case. He gets transferred and on June 7, 1977, during a break, Ted Bundy is allowed to visit the library. He escapes and flees to Aspen.

Six days later, Ted Bundy steals a car, however the police pulled him over for a broken taillight. They recognized him immediately and took him back to jail. Ted Bundy breaks out of jail on December 30, 1977, for the second time, and he managed to go all the way to Chicago.

In Janaury 8 Ted Bundy arrived in Tallahassee, Florida, and in one week he kills two women and tries to kill a third one, however she escaped with severe wounds. One month later he was in Jacksonville, where he raped and killed a 12 years old girl.

Ted Bundy flees Jacksonville in a Volkswagen Beetle, but on February 15, at 1:00 A.M. he is pulled over by a police officer in Pensacola. The officer finds out that the vehicle is stolen and Bundy attacked him, trying to escape. The police officer subdues Bundy and arrested him. Later he found out that he is Ted Bundy, the man wanted for murder.

In Janaury, 1980, when Ted was on trial for the murder of Kimberly Leach, the 12 years old girl he killed in Jacksonville, Ted used an old Florida law to allow him to propose to Carol Anne Boone, and the woman said yes.

A few hours later Ted Bundy was sentenced to death. She visited him in prison and got pregnant with Ted Bundy’s daughter. Four years later, Boone moves to Washington and nothing was heard of them ever since.

On January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was killed on the electric chair. Before he was killed, Ted Bundy said that he killed 35 women. However, at times, he suggested that he killed more than 100 women. The authorities were able to find the bodies of 20 of his victims.