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Angelina Jolie: Are the Rumors About Her Health Condition True ?

When only good things were supposed to happen in the life of the most famous couple in Hollywood, a shocking rumor horrified the fans of  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is suffering from a serious health condition.

The rumor was started by “National Enquirer” and the tabloid claims that the life of Angelina Jolie, 37 years old, can only be saved by a liver transplant.

The fact that Angelina Jolie lost a lot of weight, the delay of the wedding, Angelina Jolie’s past as an alcohol and drugs addict, all of this seem to support the sad rumor.

Besides the rumor that she is suffering from a serious liver condition, we also heard rumors that Angelina Jolie is also pregnant, and this makes things worse.

These rumors have started to appear at the beginning of September of this year when Brad Pitt announced that the wedding is delayed, without providing a good reason. Until now, Angelina Jolie’s representative made no public statement about this issue.

Angelina Jolie’s liver destroyed by drugs and alcohol ?

It’s not a secret that Angelina Jolie had a troubled life and she is one of the many Hollywood celebrities who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. This is, allegedly, the main reason why Angelina Jolie’s liver is failing.

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is suffering from hepatitis B for years, a disease that can come with a wide range of complications. Although National Enquirer has not mentioned the liver disease Angelina is suffering from, the tabloids claims that her only option is a liver transplant.

Angelina Jolie is no longer the beautiful actress that attracted a lot of attention every time she stepped on the red carpet. She is now just a shadow of what she used to be. Angelina Jolie, 37 years old, is getting thinner every day and she looks very tired. If one year ago, Angelina Jolie looked better, now she has a weight of 43 kg’s.

Brad Pitt taking care of Angie’s diet

Because he can’t cook, Brad Pitt hired Jamie Oliver, a chef known for cooking healthy foods. The two are friends for a long time and this is why Brad decided to hire him.

“Brad was always a careful father, but recently he also became a good homemaker. They have many people helping around the house but Brad started to do chores by his own. He works around the house while Angelina is away and this keeps him busy” a source said.

Do you think that Angelina Jolie is so sick that she really needs a liver transplant to survive or these are just fake rumors  ?

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