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66 Years old Goldie Hawn Looks Horrible; She is Unrecognizable

Photoshop and makeup do wonders for Hollywood celebrities and their fans are often disappointed when they see how their favorite celebrities really look like in real life.

The same happened with Goldie Hawn, who was careless enough to go out without makeup.

Goldie Hawn, 66 years old, is no longer that beautiful woman that men craved back in the day. She looks rather more like a tired grandmother.

A few days ago Goldie Hawn went to see the place where her new house is being built and she put on a casual outfit. And unfortunately for Goldie, the paparazzi were there and they took some photos, of course.

Goldie Hawn has not worked in any movie in the last ten years and her latest role was in “The Banger Sisters” comedy.

Even if time left some serious marks on Goldie Hawn, her daughter, Katie Hudson, is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and she is always in the spotlight every time she appears on the red carpet.

4 Responses to 66 Years old Goldie Hawn Looks Horrible; She is Unrecognizable

  1. Bazinga

    It says in your title, you dumbass. 66 YEARS OLD. She looks great for her age with no makeup.

  2. Chemist

    You are a mean bastard…. posting that pic of G H she is beautiful! Lets see when you are 66 you’ll like like a little old man , and factoring in your smoking habit. It ain’t gonna be pretty lol

  3. Chemist

    ‘You will be be like a little smokin piece of leather. She is awesome! Your he ugly one

  4. Johan

    People who HAVEN’T been fixing anything, mostly look better when they age. She does look quite normal for a 66 – 67 yo. I still recognize the beauty in her. Wonder how I am gonna look like at that age, will be a lot worse, I guess.