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Shocking: Bill Clinton Only Has Six Months Left To Live

Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States of America, 66 years old, is, allegedly, very sick and he only has six more months left to live, according to the media.

The media reports that former U.S President, Bill Clinton, is dying.

According to The National Enquirer, Bill Clinton used some cosmetic tricks to make his face look better during the Democratic Convention. Allegedly, Bill Clinton has cancer.

Earlier, it seems that Bill Clinton begged his wife, State Secretary Hillary Clinton, to stop the divorce proceedings because of his imminent death. Bill Clinton is also devastated that he might not be able to see his first grandchild – Chelsea’s first born child.

Former president Bill Clinton is 66 years old and rumors about the fact that he is suffering from an incurable disease first broke out at the beginning of this year when Clinton lost a lot of weight.

These rumors were however denied by Bill Clinton and by the people close to him.

One Response to Shocking: Bill Clinton Only Has Six Months Left To Live

  1. dave

    AIDS will do that, but I thought the treatments where pretty good these days.