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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fighting Over the Custody of the Dog

Robert Pattinson moved out of the house he lived in with his ex-girlfriend, actress Kristen Stewart, after him and the entire world found out that Kristen cheated on him with Rupert Sanders.

But breaking up is not easy, because Robert and Kristen have to decide the fate of the dog the couple adopted together.

Bear is the name of the dog the couple adopted from a New Orleans shelter. The problem is that both Robert and Kristen love the dog very much and each of them wants to keep it.

“Robert was deeply hurt of what Kristen did and he wants Bear to help him get over what happened” someone close to Pattinson said.

Also, Kristen Stewart took care of the dog when he was sick, so she also loves Bear very much.

“They adopted Bear together and he was like their child” The same source says. The source also says that Kristen can keep the cat.