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Hollywood: Top 7 Famous Men Who Came Out As Being Gay

We’re living in a very judgmental world and it is hard to admit that you are different than most people. You really need to be brave to say: ” I’m Different!”.

And it’s even harder to do it when you’re a public figure and everybody knows who you are.

Some Hollywood celebrities had the courage of coming out as being gay. They admitted they are gay and they say that they are very happy to have come out when they did.

Let’s see who these brave Hollywood celebrities are.


“If you ask me if i’m gay I am going to answer yes and my songs are about a relationship with a man. Yes, I am gay and with the help of music I was able to embrace my sexuality” the singer said in an interview in May of this year.

Matt Bomer

The “White Collar” star came out as being gay in February of this year during an award ceremony. The actor received the “New Generation of Arts and Activism Award” for his involvement in anti HIV / AIDS struggle.

When he accepted the award Matt thanked his partner, Simon Halls, a New York publicist. Matt and Simon are the parents of three adopted children.

” I would like to thank my family: Simon, Kit, Walker and Henry. Thank you for teaching me unconditional love. You are my biggest achievement” Matt Bomer said.

Tiziano Ferro

The singer cane out as being gay two years ago and he told Vanity Fair that he wants to live enjoying the love he had to deny for so long.

The singer says that the first gay signs appeared when he was a teenager and he tried to to his girlfriend about it. ” I told her that I think I am attracted to boys. She laughed at me and she told me it can’t be true” Tizano said.

Ricky Martin

Two years ago Ricky Martin came out as being gay thus ending the speculations that have been floating around for years. ” I am proud to be gay. I accept my homosexuality as a gift life gave me” Ricky Martin wrote on his personal blog.

In August of 2008 Martin became the proud father of twins, Valentino and Matteo. They were born by a surrogate mother. ” I am the happiest man alive” Ricky said.

Ricky Martin’s life partner is financial analyst Carlos Gonzales.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons became famous world wide thanks to his performance as Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory”. Recently, Parsons can out as being gay and he said that he has been dating the same man for 10 years now.

Adam Lambert

After “American Idol” ended, the singer decided that it’s time to tell the world he is gay. In 2009, Adam told Rolling Stones: ” I don’t think that the fact that i’m gay is a surprise to anyone” he said.

Lance Bass

Back when N’Sync was very popular world wide, it was rumored that one of the band members is gay. After the band broke up, Lance Bass came out as gay. ” I knew that I was part of a very popular boy band and the careers of others depended on me” Bass said.

Have you noticed the one thing all these 7 famous men have in common ? Well if you didn’t, let us tell you: they are all smokin’ hot ( sorry ladies! ).