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Top 10: Most Famous Sex Scandals In Hollywood

Fame, fortune and a lot of free time make Hollywood celebrities live a more intense sex life than average people. In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 most famous sex scandals Hollywood celebrities were involved in.

10. Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn was the “Brad Pitt of the 40′s”. All women wanted him. And this worked very well for him because besides acting he had only two hobbies: women and alcohol.

In 1942, two teenage girls accused him of rape but Errol was acquitted because the jury mostly thought that a woman can’t be raped by Errol Flynn as most women want to have consensual sex with him.

Furthermore, one of the girls admitted that she didn’t fight back when Errol took her clothes off…

Errol Flynn


9. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was involved in many scandals, and some of them are sex scandals!

In 1995 Charlie ended up in court after he was sued by a woman who said Charlie hit her in the head when she refused to have sex with him. Then we got the Heidi Fleiss scandal, the most popular matron in Hollywood. According to Heidi’s receipts, Charlie spent around $50,000 on prostitutes.

Charlie Sheen

8. Roscoe Arbuckle

The name Roscoe Arbuckle doesn’t ring a lot of bells nowadays, but in the 20′s Roscoe was one of the most appreciated comedians and directors and he was also involved in a huge sex scandal. Arbuckle went to a party where he had a good time with a lot of people, including Virginia Rappe. Virginia died a few days later in the hospital, however not before she accused Roscoe of rape and assault. Although there were a fit witnesses who backed up Virginia’s statements, Arbuckle was eventually aquitted.

7. Woody Allen

Everybody thought Woody is a sweet little man until his partner, Mia Farrow, discovered a few nude photos of her adoptive daughter, Soon-Yi. A huge sex scandal started because everybody thought Woody had an inappropriate relationship with his daughter. Woody denied all charges, but Mia decided to leave him. The interesting part is yet to come: in 1997, Woody married Soon-Yi and they adopted two children.

Woody Allen

6. Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman was America’s sweetheart! She was the image of the perfect wife and mother but she also played a lot of vixens on the big screen. Her marriage ended suddenly and everybody was in shock because Ingrid simply ran away from home and married Robert Rossellini. Americans felt betrayed and the U.S. senate said Ingrid is the “face of evil”.

Ingrid Bergman


5. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe also had his share of sex scandals. In the 80′s he as the protagonist of one of the first sex tapes to be leaked in Hollywood. This wouldn’t have normally been a problem but Rob was videotaped having sex with two girls, and one of them was a minor. Rob said that the girl lied about her age and he later checked in into a rehab center in order to treat his addiction to sex and alcohol.

Rob Lowe


 4. Paris Hilton

Paris became famous all over the world because of a sex tape. Nothing out of the ordinary here. The scandal started when people got wind of some rumors according to which Paris was the one who leaked the tape in order to gain fame. Many people said that if sex is Paris’ only talent then she should have become a porn star.

Paris Hilton

3. Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski is the protagonist of one of the biggest sex scandals in the history of Hollywood. Everything started in 1977 when Samantha Geimer, a 13 years old teenager, accused him of drugging and raping her. Polanski pleaded not guilty and he was eventually sentenced to 90 days of therapy.

He was released after 42 days but the judge announced that he is going to prison. Polanski emigrated to France however he was arrested in September 2009 even though Samantha decided to drop all charges.

Roman Polanski


2. Hugh Grant

1995 was not a good year for Hugh Grant. While he was in America, Hugh decided to use the services of a prostitute. This is how h found Divine Brown. However, the police found them while Divine and Hugh were having sex in the actor’s car and the scandal was reported by the media from all over the world.

Hugh Grant


1. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was a huge star when she was involved in a sex scandal. Without her will, Pamela became the protagonist of one of the most popular and most profitable sex tapes in history. Pamela and her husband, Tommy Lee, created a video of themselves having sex sex on a yacht in Greece. The two were very angry when they found out that the sex tape was released to the public and they blamed one of their friends for leaking the tape.

Pamela Anderson