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ALERT: Turkey and Syria Getting Ready For A Possible WAR

Turkey armed forces have started to arrive near the Syria border with missile launchers and defense weapons against air strikes. Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News quotes a Syria official who says that Syria’s tanks also arrived near the Turkey border.

A convoy of military vehicles was seen on Wednesday heading towards borderline regions of Iskendrun and Diyabakir, close to the area where the F-4 Phantom fighter plane was taken down days ago.

The F-4 Phantom fighter plane of the Turkey Army was taken down on Friday by Syria military forces while the plane was flying over the Hatay region in the South East of Turkey, which is close to the Syria border.

Radio contact with the F-4 Phantom was lost 90 minutes after take off, when the plane was above the region near to the Syria border.

The NATO council, which reunited on Tuesday in Brussels at the request of Turkey, was firmly against Syria’s actions of taking down the plane. The NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that this is an “unacceptable act“.

NATO members said that this is unacceptable and they warned that NATO is going to take action if a similar event takes place.Turkey also learned that the country has NATO’s full support.

The Turkey Prime Minister said that Turkey will respond to Syria’s every attempt  to violate the border, however the prime minister said that the F-4 plane was briefly  in Syria’s air space.

Hurriyet Daily News quotes Syria’s opposition General Mustafa al-Sheikh who warms that Syria also sent tanks close to the Turkey border.

The information according to which 170 tanks already arrived near the Turkey border has not been confirmed from independent sources yet.